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Union Bank & Trust believes that playing a leadership role in addressing the needs in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community and giving to nonprofits is what makes our community stronger. UBT has contributed to a variety of organizations for many years. Please fill out the sponsorship request form below for the UNL Donations Committee to review.

    Organization Information

    Name of Organization:
    Is your organization a 501 (c)(3) non-profit?
    Is your organization a Registered Student Organization?
    Describe briefly the nature/purpose of the organization:

    Requestor Information:

    Name of Person Requesting:
    Preferred Contact Method:

    Event Information:

    Event Name:
    Date of Event:
    Location of Event:
    Is the event endorsed byUNL?
    Number of attendees:
    Purpose of Donation Request:
    Amount Requested:
    Are there particular segments of students you hope to have attend?
    Describe How Funds Will Be Spent (be specific):
    Sponsorship levels available:
    How will the event be publicized?
    Explain benefits UBT receives as a sponsor:

    Please Attach Required Documentation:

    • Please attach any informational flyers, sponsorship request information materials, and/or samples of how your organization will promote the event.
    Attachment #1:
    Attachment #2:
    Attachment #3:
    Attachment #4:

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